My overall purpose with this site is to offer help, encouragement, and coaching those who struggle to keep it all afloat in this valley of endless work and non-stop demands on our time. I am passionate about the need for balance and feel we are in a state of crisis. The increasing speed of change and complexity in our lives, combined with 24/7 availability of technology is making it very difficult for the average person to cope on a day to day basis.

I am a New Ventures West certified Integral Coach®, or in more common terms, a Professional Life Coach (Dec 2017).  See “Integral Coaching®” for more information.
My resume.

This blog provides a bit of my history with surfing (see “About”), along with an overview of what I have learned over the past 25+ years of working in high tech marketing in Silicon Valley.  It will eventually lead to a published memoir (currently in the works) about my path through the work/life integration challenge in Silicon Valley into life coaching.

This cover picture is the only one I have of my dad surfing (Jack B Mulkey).  It was taken at Malibu circa 1949 by Doc Ball (original photo). It is an in-the-water photo, which was quite revolutionary back in those days (see “About dad” for more on that).  “Malibu and The Greatest Generation” reviews dad’s early days of surfing at Malibu after World War II and the impact it had on my life.

Why a “Christian perspective” on achieving work/life integration?

If you’ve read my blog, you might be wondering…  My passion for helping people in the work/life integration challenge in Silicon Valley has led me to the coaching profession (see “Hit over the head by a 2×4″). And while I do look at the world through the eyes of a Christian, my clients do not need to hold Christian beliefs to receive value from my coaching. It is simply the lens through which I view the world.