What if you could surf in heaven?

Mike Mulkey is a surfer, author, and coach who is on a journey of solving work/life balance challenges in Silicon Valley by learning to put heaven first. His goal is to share the good news of heaven with surfers from around the world.

Mike’s offers help, encouragement, and coaching to those who struggle to keep it all afloat in this valley of endless opportunity and non-stop demands on our time. His blog (since 2014) eventually led to writing a book, “Surfing in Heaven”, to encapsulate the story.

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Mike’s passion for helping people tackle the challenges around integrating work with life led him to become a New Ventures West certified Integral Coach®.
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The cover photograph on surfingforbalance.com is my dad, Jack B Mulkey, surfing at Malibu circa 1949. See “About” for more on that.