My overall purpose with this site is to help, encourage, and coach those who struggle to keep it all afloat in this valley of endless work and non-stop demands on your time. I am very passionate about the need for balance, and feel we are seriously in a state of crisis — where the increasing speed of change and degree of complexity, combined with 24/7 availability is making it very difficult for the average person to cope on a day to day basis. A simple example is that of a car being driven too fast for too long – eventually something is going to break.

The blog provides an overview what I have learned over the past 25 years of working in high tech marketing in Silicon Valley.  It will eventually lead to my storyline of how I view the work/life balance challenge.

Why a “Christian perspective” on achieving work/life balance?
If you’ve seen my tagline (“A Christian perspective on work/life balance”), you might be wondering…  While my passion for helping people in the work/life balance struggle in Silicon Valley has led me to the coaching profession, I do look at the world through the eyes of a Christian who believes the Holy Bible is the true word of God.  I want to be very up front about that.  However, I do not believe my clients need to hold Christian beliefs to receive value from my coaching. It is simply the lens through which I view the world.

And finally, this picture is the only one I have of my dad surfing – taken at Malibu sometime around 1949 by Doc Ball. Of note is that it is an in-the-water shot, which was quite revolutionary back in those days (see About “dad” for more).