The purpose of this site is to offer help, encouragement, and coaching to those who struggle to keep it all afloat in this valley of endless opportunity and non-stop demands on our time.

This Blog provides an overview of my story, from growing up on the beach in Southern California (see: Corona del Mar and Growing Up) to life as a cog in the high tech revolution in Silicon Valley for the past thirty years. It is evolving into a book, which I hope to publish in late 2022. The goal is to teach my clients and readers alike about gaining an eternal perspective on how you are investing your time in the midst of all the chaos. I liken it to learning to surf in heaven
(see: “Surfing in Heaven”, which will be the title of the book).

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I have a passion for helping people tackle the work/life integration challenges, which led me to become a New Ventures West certified Integral Coach® (see: “Coaching Info”).

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Author’s Note:
This cover picture is the only one I have of my dad surfing (Jack B Mulkey).  It was taken at Malibu circa 1949 by Doc Ball (original photo). It is an in-the-water photo, which was quite revolutionary back in those days (see “About dad” for more on that).  “Malibu and The Greatest Generation” reviews dad’s early days of surfing at Malibu after World War II and the impact it had on my life.