Integral Life Coaching

Mike’s Coaching Practice
I am currently enrolled in the New Ventures West 1-year certification program to become a Integral Coach®, or in more common terms, a Professional Life Coach.  I will graduate in December of 2017 and begin my coaching practice in 2018.  This blog post (Hit over the head by a 2×4) provides the backdrop to how I entered the coaching arena.

Who is New Ventures West?
Founded in 1987, New Ventures West offers public training programs in Integral Coaching, customized coach training for organizations, executive coaching, advanced courses for experienced coaches, and a referral network to certified Integral Coaches. Their Professional Coaching Course has over 2000 graduates, and they currently offer it in San Francisco, Washington DC, and internationally.

What is Integral Coaching?
Integral Coaching is what arrives when two people develop a professional relationship that is grounded in mutual trust and respect, directed toward a set of clear outcomes, guided by presence, and informed by broad models about what it means to be a human being. It is a methodology. It is an integration project. It is a moment when you feel deeply connected to yourself and others, with a deep acceptance of everything, and you take practical steps to move forward in life. It is both simpler and more complex than it sounds. And, at heart, Integral Coaching is not just an “it” we can see and hear from the outside but also the “I” that lives in our thoughts and emotions and the “we” that connects us to each other in language and culture.