“Surfing for Balance in Silicon Valley” was launched in 2014 to offer help, encouragement, and coaching to those who struggle to keep it all afloat in this valley of endless opportunity and non-stop demands on our time. Blogging on work/life balance eventually led me to writing a book, “Surfing in Heaven”, to consolidate my experiences through it all. I hope to publish in mid-2022.

The picture on the cover of surfingforbalance.com is the only picture I have of my dad, Jack B Mulkey, surfing. It was taken at Malibu circa 1949 by Doc Ball. Doc was an early pioneer in surfing photography and was was one of the leaders in establishing surfing on the west coast. See “About” for more on that.

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I have a passion for helping people tackle the work/life integration challenges, which led me to become a New Ventures West certified Integral Coach® (see: “Coaching Info”).

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