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“I was fortunate to have been introduced to Mike while undertaking a “life re-boot”. Throughout my journey with Mike, my life was challenging and ever-changing. Mike’s great attitude and endless patience to understand and examine my situation and provide positive encouragement along with helpful insight to keep my foundation grounded and direct my focus to approach my circumstances was infinitely valuable. Mike is deeply passionate about providing a balanced approach to life and genuinely interested in helping people achieve this. I would definitely recommend Mike to any person considering life-coaching who is looking for a smart, enthusiastic, caring, and people-oriented person.”
Rudi W.

“It was great working with Mike. He is very thoughtful and observant. He not only encouraged me to step outside my comfort zone but also help with strategies on how to prioritize health, family and community. I can confidently recommend Mike to anyone looking for a fresh perspective on life.”
Ankit P.

“Mike is an excellent Life Coach. I worked with Mike over the last six months to help me figure out what is important to me and to finally make progress on several goals I have had for years. Mike is patient and flexible, willing to try new things when something isn’t working. I learned how to adopt new positive habits by taking on one change at a time and being patient with myself. I am now confident I can be successful in taking on new difficult changes.”
Tim L.

“I had the pleasure to be coached by Mike as part of his training. Mike is a good listener and often time had to pivot and change his style and recommendations based on my needs and goals. He gave me some good guidelines to follow.”
Efrat S.

“Mike was my life coach over the past 6 months as a part of his training to become a New Ventures West Integral Coach. I would recommend Mike to others who are looking to develop themselves and grow.”
Anuj A.

Work/Life Balance Seminars

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