About Mike Mulkey


Mike is a surfer, author, and life coach who writes to help his surfing friends learn about Jesus so we can surf together in heaven.

Linked-in highlights Mike’s 25 years of experience in Silicon Valley as a sales and marketing professional. Upon leaving Oracle Corporation in 2017 Mike took a 1-year sabbatical to become a certified New Ventures West Integral Coach® and moved to Trader Joe’s for a final chapter in his career. Mike won the lottery with a beautiful wife of 30 years (Marla) and two incredible children (Marisa and Matthew) who now drag him out of bed to go surfing.

Mike’s goal is to offer help, encourage, and coach those who struggle to keep it all afloat in this age of endless opportunity. Mike has a passion for helping people tackle work/life integration challenges. He launched “Surfing for Balance in Silicon Valley” in 2014 to blog about his drive to stay afloat and that eventually led him to write a book — publishing in 2023.
Here’s Mike’s resume.

What if there is surfing in heaven?

Surfing in Heaven is Mike’s book (2023) about his life as a surfer finding work/life balance in Silicon Valley by learning to put Heaven first.

About the surfing photograph (above)

The picture on the cover of surfingforbalance.com is the only picture Mike had of his dad, Jack B Mulkey, surfing. It was taken at Malibu circa 1949 by Doc Ball. Here is the original photo:

Jack is riding a 10’9″ Bob Simmons Plywood Foam surfboard (called a “Foam Sandwich”).

More on that era at Malibu and “The Greatest Generation”.
Mark Brown Digital Arts did the wonderful recoloring work.

Jack was living out his dream at 89 years young in Kailua-Kona on the big island of Hawaii when he passed away peacefully in his sleep, after spending a delightful Father’s Day with his daughter Terry (see Kona Jack). This website is dedicated to Jack for all the wonderful lessons in life Mike learned from him through the sport of surfing.

Dad and grandson Matthew in front of a Douglas SBD Dauntless aircraft at the Pacific Aviation Museum Pearl Harbor in 2014 (Dad flew in the gunner position off the USS Saratoga in WWII).