This Picture

The picture on the cover of this web site is the only picture I have of my dad, Jack B Mulkey, surfing. It was taken at Malibu circa 1949 by Doc Ball, labeled as “surfing’s first dedicated photographer” (original photo). Mark Brown Digital Arts did the recoloring of it.

Dad is riding a 10’9″ Bob Simmons Plywood Foam surfboard (called a “Foam Sandwich”). This surfboard was a major breakthrough from the Redwood Planks they had been riding, which could weigh in over 100 pounds.  An exact replica of this surfboard sold for $40,000 at the Hawaiian Islands Vintage Surf Auction in 2009.  Dad did not even know this picture was taken but ran across it in a photo album at a party at Doc Ball’s house. As dad told the story, a friend yelled out to him, “Hey Mulkey, your picture is in here!”.

More on that era at Malibu and “The Greatest Generation”.