About the book

What if there is surfing in heaven?

Mike Mulkey is a surfer who is on a journey of solving work/life balance challenges in Silicon Valley by learning to put heaven first. His book, Surfing in Heaven (late 2023), encapsulates his story, which he has been blogging about since 2014.

Surfing in Heaven is both a metaphor and vision for investing your time and energy each day. Jesus said it well when he spoke about storing up treasures in heaven rather than focusing on what we have here on earth (1). By starting each day with an eternal future in mind, the many challenges of a technology worker in Silicon Valley seem to fade. Heaven is a game-changer which provides a radically new perspective. Like going back to the 60s and surfing without a leash, life becomes untethered from earthly expectations. Laying the groundwork each day for our life to come in heaven brings peace like a river.

Following is an outline of the book — with links to each chapter (draft).

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Prologue – Waxing Up:
This life on earth is a time of preparation (to wax up) for the ride of our life in Heaven.

1st Wave – Longboards to Shortboards
The rapid transition in surfing from longboards in the 1950s to the shortboard revolution of the late-1960s.
   1. Malibu and the Greatest Generation
   2. Crown of the Sea
   3. San Onofre Surfing Club
   4. Mexican Miracle
   5. Leisure Society

2nd Wave – Eight Feet, Cold, and Glassy
Riding high on the technology wave in Silicon Valley while discovering the best wave (and rides!) of my life at Steamer Lane.
   6. Riding the Wave in Silicon Valley
   7. Circle of Life
   8. The Spirit of Char
   9. Peace of Mind
   10. Hodads

3rd Wave – The Perfect Sunset
The passing of dad (Kona Jack) and the legacy he left the grandchildren.
   11. Lessons for the Grandchildren

4th Wave – Stoked!
New beginnings after being laid off from Oracle at age 62 and learning to listen within.
   12. New Beginnings
   13. Hit Over the Head With A 2X4
   14. Slow Down

5th Wave – Paradise
God’s promise of heaven and the wonder that awaits us there.
   15. Begin With The End In Mind
   16. Opening Day in Paradise
   17. Heaven Can’t Wait
   18. Tides of Evidenc

6th Wave – Rock Dance
Learning to surf without a leash.
   19. Surfing Without a Leash
   20. “We don’t do email …”
   21. Marathon Faith
   22. “A Lotta Shit …”
   23. STOP and Smell The Roses

7th Wave – The Green Room
My vision of surfing in heaven. It will be better than we can imagine!
   24. Surfing in Heaven

8th Wave – Kicking Out
Knowing my future is secure in heaven as I prepare to kick out.
   25. The Future is Secure
   26. Kicking Out

Epilog (TBD)


  1. Matthew 6:19-21 (TLB):
    “Don’t store up treasures here on earth where they can erode away or may be stolen. Store them in heaven where they will never lose their value and are safe from thieves. If your profits are in heaven, your heart will be there too.”