What Are Your Expectations For Heaven?

“If God didn’t want us to imagine what Heaven will be like, he wouldn’t have told us as much about it as he has.”
-Randy Alcorn (author of Heaven)

Can you imagine what Heaven will be like?

One of my goals in writing Surfing in Heaven was to challenge people’s views on their expectations for going to Heaven. I have found that most people (including Christians) do not give much thought to what life there will be like. Our lives here on earth tend to focus on doing everything possible to have the best life possible now. Heaven appears as a distant mirage that we can think about when the time comes. The reality of it seems quite misty and maybe even boring to think of an eternity somewhere off in the distant heavens.

I would like to challenge that view by asking you to read just one book from my “Going to Heaven” booklist. You can download the list of ten books here.

Downloading the booklist will also sign you up for my email list, which I am slowly building for the book’s official launch in early 2024. You can unsubscribe at any time, and as you now should know me with email, there won’t be too much chatter.

Give one of those books a read, and let us know what you think by commenting on this blog (“Leave a Reply”).

Which book did you read, and how did it impact your expectations of what Heaven will be like?

Let your imaginations run! I look forward to your response.

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