See You In Heaven Redwood

Redwood getting his leash fitted for the tandem board

If there were a bright spot in this pandemic, it was my relationship with our “fox-red” Labrador retriever, Redwood. “Red” (as we called him) was pretty much the center of attention every day as we took him on walks, watched him eat and sleep (and snore!), stroked his beautiful fur, and loved upon his amazing ability to live in the present. At three and a half years of age, he had enough puppy-energy to give us all a run for our money each day as we waded through the depths of isolation at home. Redwood was my saving grace!

Last Monday, Redwood had his usual routine with dad in the morning taking a walk before breakfast, hunting down a sock or two in our bedroom, enjoying an afternoon snooze in the sun, and had his evening walk with mom followed by dinner. He then proceeded to curl up in our bathroom for another nap and never woke up. What a shock to all of us to lose our dear pup!

Will we see Redwood in Heaven?

As we attempt to move on with a gaping hole in our hearts, I am constantly reminded of the selfless love that Redwood showed us in his very short life. God’s qualities were so evident in who Redwood was every day, that I have a hard time believing I will not see him in heaven.

There is much the Bible says about how important animals are to God’s eternal Kingdom. I believe that once the curse of sin and suffering is removed from this Earth (Revelation 21:4), animals will be there to enjoy it with us (Isaiah 11:6-9).

When God created man and placed him in the garden of Eden (Genesis 2:7-8), He had already created lots of animals to be with him (Genesis 1:20-25). When God put an end to all people on Earth with the flood (except for Noah and his family), He saved a lot more animals on the ark than people (Genesis 6:17-21). Jesus was born in a manger surrounded by animals (Luke 2:12-16), and when He returns to establish life on the renewed Earth (Eden restored) in Revelation 22, surely animals will be a part of it. Redwood’s life has reminded me how important our animals will be to that paradise Jesus spoke to just before His death on the cross (Luke 23:39-43).

Here’s a short (3:45) video in celebration of the wonderful life that Redwood lived.

6 thoughts on “See You In Heaven Redwood

  1. So sorry for your loss. Dogs are family and with anyone (or any dog) you wish for the best. It sounds to me like Red had a good run (just far too short) and I’m sure Red enjoyed being part of a great family. Being with your family was like winning the lottery.

  2. No doubt in my mind that animals will surround us in the post mortal existence, particularly those who have literally been a part of our families. Don’t know if your mom and dad loved dogs, but I know my dad did and I know he loves you. So I have no doubt that Redwood is being loved on both sides of the veil. (maybe chasing around your mom’s cats 😉). I’m sorry for your sorrow yet happy for all our faith in the great reunions to come. In my prayers! Love you and thank you for your beautiful ways of expressing such deep thoughts! Cousin Andrea💕

  3. This is a beautiful tribute to Redwood! It’s so hard to lose a pet but as always, you have such a great perspective. Thank you for sharing… he was a beautiful dog and clearly he had a great life ❤️

  4. Beautiful and touching, Mike! Redwood was a gorgeous and brilliant dog. Snickers and I miss him. Hugs and love to you, Marla and the kids. May your 💔 broken hearts ❤️‍🩹 be at peace with the many memories of him…until you meet again.

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